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Everyone Should Have A Will

Have you put off making or updating your will because you assume you have plenty of time to think about it later?  Or do you find the idea daunting because of complications such as a blended family or family members who don’t get along?  Has someone told you that you can bypass estate planning altogether by owning everything jointly with your spouse?  Whatever reasons have kept you from drafting or revising your Will in Massachusetts so far, I am confident that I can provide the guidance that you need to achieve your estate planning goals.

I am estate planning attorney Kristine P. Romano, and I look forward to having this important conversation with you as soon as you are ready.  With nearly 20 years of experience practicing law, including 13 years devoted solely to estate planning and elder law, I have knowledge and skills that can make your planning easier and more personalized than you may imagine.  My clients and legal peers say they prefer to work with me because I am compassionate and empathetic.

Many People Also Choose To Create Trusts

I look forward to the opportunity to explain the power of estate planning documents and other legal tools, including:
  • A Simple Will
  • Complementary Wills for you and your spouse that will leave no property unaccounted for, regardless of contingencies that may come about
  • Health Care Directives
  • One or more trusts that may help minimize inheritance taxes and smooth the transfer of assets from one generation to the next
  • A pour-over Will to account for any property not included in your trust(s)
At Kristine P. Romano, Esq., LLM, PC, you will find direction to ensure that whatever tools you create do not conflict with existing documents, such as a prenuptial agreement or a business succession plan.

Why Should You Concern Yourself With Estate Planning?

Instead of leaving the fate of your estate to chance, you can prevent or solve many potential legal problems ahead of time.  Estate planning documents can give you peace of mind as well as leave peace and harmony to your estate’s Executor (now referred to as Personal Representative) and those who will inherit your assets.

Then, if you are incapacitated and/or reach the end of your life, your loved ones or other beneficiaries will receive a great gift from you.  They will have the opportunity to focus on memories and gratitude rather than potentially damaging their relationships with each other through disagreements about your health care or the disposition of your assets.

Let’s talk more about trusts and related topics while considering your goals and intentions.  Call 508-936-2878 to reach my office in Northborough, 508-936-2878 to reach my office in Natick or complete a simple online form to get the dialogue started.